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Children Area Activities

LeapPad at the Library
LeapPad electronic learning systems are
interactive tools  that help kids learn a variety of
basic skills. LeapPads are available for use at
both the Main and Sunnyland Branch locations
with many different game cartridges to enjoy.
The systems are for USE WITHIN THE LIBRARY
ONLY. Share the fun of exploring the world of
LeapPad learning with your child.

Filtered Internet Access for Kids
Washington District Main Library Children's area
offers filtered internet access for children ages
7-13. The child and a parent/guardian must read
and sign an internet use form in order to obtain
internet use privileges for a child. For more
information, visit the library.


Play Time Activities
A puppet stage with puppets, puzzles, board
games and a Thomas the Train table are
available for for use during your visit to the
Children's Area. These different activities foster
interactive play, manual dexterity, and creativity.